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Getting a new furnace or heater installed is a big home investment, and one that should not be done flippantly or without a certain amount of research. Realizing this, we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated — with courtesy, professionalism, and respect. Our technicians are upfront and honest about the status of your furnace, they won’t sell you on a new furnace or heater installation if it’s not necessary.

Instead, they’ll list all of your options and answer all questions along the way. When you decide on it, we’ll install a top-of-the-line unit for you, efficiently and hassle-free. For nearly half a century our growing, reputable, family-owned company has been installing all types of heating equipment, including both gas and electric furnaces and heaters, zoned and ductless systems, heat pumps, and air handlers, and more to satisfied customers all over central Ohio and beyond. If you’re ready for a new furnace in Huber Heights, OH, and surrounding areas, be sure to call the experts at Huber Heights Heating & Cooling!

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Furnace Installation

How Efficient is a New Furnace?

The cost to purchase a furnace can be high initially, but updating to a new system can slash your monthly heating bills dramatically, sometimes as much as 50 percent. High-efficiency gas forced-air furnaces that operate at 95 percent efficiency or more have been around for a while, but we still occasionally encounter older units operating to half their capacity or less. That means for every term of heating making its way into your home, another term escapes into an attic, crawlspace, basement, or through a furnace exhaust pipe.

Newer technology in higher efficiency gas and electric furnaces allows them to operate at different stages, or speeds, so they’re not running at full speed constantly. When you’re ready, we’ll provide a complete, detailed price quote of everything included with your new unit, including the manufacturer, model number(s), and efficiency ratings and capacity (SEER, BTU), so you’ll be able to make an informed decision about purchasing a new central heating system.

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Repairing vs. Replacing Your Furnace.

Every now and again, we’re called by a flustered homeowner for a “major” problem that’s easily resolved with a minor fix (i.e. dirty filter, clogged drain tube, blocked exhaust vent, debris in the fan blades, loose wiring). Sometimes, the exact opposite happens.

Here’s a quick checklist to let you know when it’s time to call a licensed HVAC technician:

huber heights heating & cooling

Energy Bills Increasing

Are your energy bills increasing even though your usage remains the same?

huber heights heating & cooling

Increased Humidity

Have you noticed an unwanted increase in the amount of humidity in your home lately?

huber heights heating & cooling

Uneven Heating

Are some of the rooms in your home getting warm while others continue to stay cold?

huber heights heating & cooling

Frequent Repairs

Are you spending more then usual on heating repairs that don’t include the your seasonal maintenance?

huber heights heating & cooling

Contaminated Air

Have you noticed unwanted dust particles, soot, or even carbon monoxide?

huber heights heating & cooling

Physical Deterioration

Does your heating system have water leaks, rust, corrosion, or a crack in the heat exchanger?

huber heights heating & cooling

Unusual Noises

Have you noticed unusual noises, like sizzling, crackling, popping, buzzing, or humming?

huber heights heating & cooling

Unusual Flame Color

Is your gas furnace burner flame blue, or is it a yellowish or orange color?

Furnace Services in Huber Heights

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Are you in the market for a new furnace unit for your Huber Heights, OH home? Our install team has installed thousands of different types of furnace systems all over Dayton, Ohio. Our team is knowledgeable and can answer any and all questions about your furnace. We only carry products from trusted HVAC manufacturers like Amana, Carrier, Trane, Goodman, and more. Get a free online estimate from us for air conditioner installation. We’d be happy to come out and assess your HVAC system!

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