Why Is My Furnace Not Coming On?

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Furnaces are amazing! Year in and year out, they help us to stay warm during even the coldest of winter nights. However, when our furnaces no longer work or fail to come on, things get serious pretty quickly. In a lot of cases, furnaces fail to turn on because they haven’t been utilized for a long time. But this isn’t invariably the case. Below are the primary reasons why your furnace may not be turning on!


Why Your Furnace Might Not Be Kicking ON

First Check Your Thermostat

This is one of the biggest reasons why units stop working. If you think about it, it’s sort of like having a television with no remote control. Hopeless right? First, check to see if your thermostat is set to the “heating” setting. When it is set to the “fan” setting, you will not get any heat from your vents. Secondly, consider your wiring. Could it be faulty? Please make sure to call a professional before trying to work on the wiring. Finally, there’s a chance it could be that your thermostat is old, and you require a new one to be installed. If you call a professional, they can install a thermostat and demonstrate to you how it operates. Here at Huber Heights Heating & Cooling, we can install a pre-bought thermostat for you at a low price! 


Check Your Circuit Breaker

If a circuit breaker trips, it indicates too much electricity is running through a specific part. Because it is unable to manage all the power coming through it, it cuts off so that your unit does not overheat or cause more damage. Your unit was designed to trip like this. It also prevents the wires from overheating and potentially sparking a fire. Please have a professional work on bad circuit breakers because if not installed properly, it can lead to serious problems. 


Check Your Pilot Light

To discern whether this is a problem you are able to fix on your own, have a look under your furnace to see if the blue pilot light is still burning. If it is not lit, you might be able to light it again with a lighter. If this does not solve the problem, we strongly suggest you call a professional.


Is There Enough Power Getting To The Unit?

If your furnace is not getting enough power to operate it correctly, several different wiring issues could be the culprit. We strongly encourage you do not touch the unit and call a professional. One out of place wire can mess up a furnace and affect its lifespan. 


Is There Sufficient Gas?

Putting your gas on only part of the way is more detrimental to your unit than setting it all the way on. There are people who think that leaving it on half of the way helps to not let as much into the system. Even though it is true, it is still more harmful to the life of your furnace. It can reduce your system’s life and can be a dangerous safety risk. It should be either all the way on or off all the way. 


Check You Condensation 

A furnace’s condensation pan collects extra water while the reservoir is full. If the pan is filled, it will turn your furnace completely off. The water is then drained out. When this happens, a furnace will not try to restart itself for safety purposes. Seek a professional to help if you do not know where the pan is located or if it keeps filling up at an unusually quick rate.


Still Having Problems With Your Furnaces?

If you have any further questions about why your furnace is not coming on, give Huber Heights Heating & Cooling a call today at 937-226-9675, or schedule an appointment now at www.huberheightsheatingandcooling.com/schedule-now/.

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