Why Is My Furnace So Loud?

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Because nearly all models of furnaces aren’t totally silent, it can be troublesome at times to differentiate between your unit’s natural, low humming sound and an unusual sound that indicates a problem needing to be addressed. 

If you’ve begun hearing any unusual noises arising from your furnace, whether we cover it in this blog or not, you ought to contact a professional right away for furnace servicing. Trivial problems have the potential to escalate into more significant problems if neglected.

To educate you, we at Huber Heights Heating & Cooling composed the following.


If You Hear A Banging Sound

If you hear a popping or banging racket, one viable source could be the interior of your furnace. It could have gotten dirty. This dirt and dust can affect the combustion of the gases inside, which leads to a variation of problems, one of which could be the cracking of your heat exchanger. Routine maintenance ensures everything remains clean inside it and will serve in preventing this from happening.

A different reason might be the possibility that your ductwork swells and contracts in cold weather. Sheet metal contracts when temperatures are low, but it expands quickly once the furnace cycles back on, producing the heat again. This generates tension near the seams of the ducts. When this transpires, the sheet metal buckles outward, producing the banging noise you are hearing.

Scraping Sounds From Your Furnace

Scraping sounds arising from your furnace could indicate that your system has critical problems with its blower wheel. If you start hearing this noise, we advise you shut down your furnace immediately and call a professional.

A coupld things that might cause this are:

  • The blower wheel on your furnace is down, and a professional should replace it.
  • The blower might have become loose, and it might be hitting the casing.

A Rattling Sound From Your Furnace

If you discover rattling noises arising from your heating system, you don’t need to worry a lot. Usually, these problems can be resolved easily.

If you hear these noises, you ought to:

  • Apply some duct tape on those loose ducts or place more screws on them.
  • Set rubber or cork pads below your unit.

Squealing Noises Coming From Your Furnace

Squealing sounds could suggest your motor needs a repair or your blower belt requires replacement. It could also indicate that parts of your motor may require lubrication, which might not be as severe as these other issues but should still get serviced by a professional.

Whistling Noises From Your Furnace

Some items that could be producing whistling noises include:

  • The gaps in your air ducts are too small. If this is producing the sound, you’ll find it beginning at a small hole close to the spot where the duct and furnace connect.
  • Your air filter is clogged up, forcing the fan to draw air from anywhere it is able. You can determine if this is the case by taking the filter out and listening to hear if it goes away.
  • Your air filter is so blanketed with dirt and particles that it’s blocking the flow of air. In this situation, you need to remove the filter and replace it with a new one.


Scheduling Furnace Repair 

If you’re seeking dependable furnace repair service, call Huber Heights Heating & Cooling today at 937-226-9675, or schedule an appointment now at www.huberheightsheatingandcooling.com/schedule-now/.

Our experienced technicians can guarantee your heating system is fixed on time and inside your budget.


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