Is Your Furnace Overheating? Three Telltale Signs

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In no uncertain terms, your furnace was deliberately made to last a long time. Furnaces are very sturdy, expensive, and reliable machines that don’t need much in the way of fixing as long as they are correctly maintained. Now, keep in mind, sooner or later all furnaces will have a problem here and there. On a long enough timeline, it’s unavoidable, and all you can do is know who to call and what to be watching out for. To help you know WHAT to watch for, we at Huber Heights Heating & Cooling selected the following signs that your furnace is heading for disaster, in the way of overheating. So this way you’ll also know who to call.


Strange Sounds and Noises

You listen to it all winter long. And while you might not pay attention to it on a conscious level, for years and perhaps even decades, you have been subconsciously listening to the hum of your furnace. Because of this, it should be relatively easy to identify when it makes unusual vibrations or noises. If you discern new or strange noises like bumps or humming arising from your furnace, you need to recognize this is not a symptom of aging. You might have an overheating problem.


Fire Essence

If you identify a burning smell, or if the heated air “smells hot,” your furnace is plausibly trying to work too hard, and it is overheating. Furthermore, you are unquestionably dealing with at an overheating furnace if it shuts off quickly after when you noticed the burning odor. Be advised: If you have not operated your furnace for days, a burning smell while it’s firing up again is not a cause for worry. This is your system burning off the dust that has settled on it. The burning odor will fade off.  A persistent burning smell or fragrance that rises up out of nowhere when your furnace has constantly been running — that is is a sign.


Furnace Shuts Off

If your furnace shuts down before reaching the thermostat’s set temperature, you might be facing a furnace that overheats. Most furnace’s safety mechanisms will stop it from turning on even if it is still needed to maintain heating. This is your furnace’s way of preventing continual injury to itself. 


Repairing an Overheated Furnace

There are a few reasons your furnace could be overheating, like old age, bad airflow, dirt and dust collection, mechanical breakdown, and more. Because a furnace is a complex machine that needs expert and experienced repairmen, a home replacement or “Do It Yourself” project is not advised. Aside from those of you who own the proper tools, with expertise and certifications, attempting to fix your home’s furnace places you at risk of electrocution or shock. People who have tried this on their own have experienced burn injuries or cut injuries. Also, neglecting to fix your furnace precisely can also provoke catastrophic damage to your home. When it comes to HVAC complications like an overheated furnace, it is most advantageous to call a trained professional. An accredited HVAC tech can accurately identify the origin of the problem and give you an estimated price for the job while he or she is there. The tech will use their prior experience and expertise to safely fix any overheating problems and leave you with a blazing, healthy furnace.

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