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Make way, “man cave,” for a new concept that’s been growing momentum throughout the world. While men have had their “man caves,” women are now transforming their own exterior buildings into their own secluded retreats from the world, making it official:

The “she shed” has arrived.  Whether it be an old-fashioned outdoor playhouse, a woodshed, a vacant garage, or even a brand new building made just for her, women across the country are demanding their own home havens for women only. Some are set up somewhat simply, with possibly some chairs, some magazines or a sofa, and some are considerably elaborate and have bathrooms and beds.

Regardless of your fashion and composition, if you have a “she shed” and want to keep it cozy this winter, you’ll want to take a few simple steps. We at Hilliard-Dublin Heating and Air collected the following to help you stay warm in your outdoor sanctuary this winter.



Any time you spend out in your refuge this winter is going to demand a safe and dependable source of heat. Maybe a space heater, or an outdoor stove. Whatever the case, you don’t want that costly heat going out the door, or through the cold floor. Although it is correct that heat rises, most people don’t appreciate that you can waste a lot of heat through your floor as well. If you don’t insulate your “she shed” correctly, the heat that’s coming out of your heater gets cooled swiftly by the wind running beneath the building and along the thin and bare floor.

For this dilemma, there are a few answers. We suggest getting some low-priced carpeting. It doesn’t have to be the best-looking, and it will demand some maintenance periodically. But if you can find something you can live with, and cut it to the correct size, it’ll go a long way in keeping your “she shed” comfortable when the weather becomes super cold. Before putting your carpet down, we also advise locating some cheap cloth, like cotton or some kind of padding, and smoothing it down first on the exposed floor. Once it’s down, kick it into position. You mustn’t leave the margins with much room. Make sure it runs up to the edges and then put down the carpeting on top. You don’t have to nail or tack the carpet once it’s in place. Rather, use objects in the shed, like tables or chairs or bookshelves, to hold it in place. Once you’ve done this, examine the sides to make sure no moisture can get in.



Now that you’ve got the floors in place, the next thing we recommend you doing is to put some sort of insulating materials on the walls.  To do this without breaking your budget, some specialists recommend using bubble wrap. Yep, that’s correct. We said bubble wrap. All you do is begin by measuring the bare areas you need to cover and trim the sheets to fit in tightly. You can staple or nail these into place. Once they’re on, lastly, you can get some fiberboard or plywood to protect each space. They will need to be screwed or nailed into position. 



You are subject to wasting a lot of expensive heat in these key places if you don’t do a little improvising. Consider these tips and employ them suitably. They will save you a chunk of money on heating:

  •      Apply some spray foam insulate found at your local hardware store to protect the inside border of each window. If you find this solution to be unsightly or ugly once in place, you can always flatten it down with a file. Perhaps even see how it looks with a little paint.
  •      Get a door sweep or utilize a makeshift slider cloth for the bottoms of your doors. Weatherstripping is another excellent idea. It’ll go a long way in keeping the warm air in and the cold air out.
  •      If you have them, use the shutters on the exterior of your windows. It won’t hold a lot of heat in, but it will help the windowpanes stay warm.
  • Install some drapes inside, thick shades, or a blanket for added window protection from the wind.
  • Dispose of any clutter lying around the exterior and clean the place up, if you haven’t done so already.
  • Finally, use a candle to discover any remaining drafts that might be entering your comfortable winter getaway. Turn off any fans or space heaters that might be moving the air inside so that it’s very still. Then light the candle and go around your windows and doors or any other penetrations of the structure. If the candle flickers, you have found a draft that will need to be addressed. You can use more spray foam, caulk, or any insulation sold at your local hardware stores. 


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