The high cost of not changing your air filter

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Did you realize that not having your air filter changed routinely can be just as bad as not having one?

It’s true, sadly. And, regrettably, most people have no idea how destructive a dirty air filter can be, or how a clogged one essentially smothers their system. Usually, people don’t give much thought into their heating and air conditioning systems at all until something goes wrong. Strangely enough, when something does go wrong, the most common cause of their problem is that they failed to change their air filter in time. To boost awareness and teach our customers about air filters, and how they work, we at Huber Heights Heating & Cooling have compiled the following information for you about what happens when you don’t replace your air filter as regularly as you should. 



Companies make air filters out of fiberglass or pleated paper, and a cardboard enclosure encases them. Air filters are put in HVAC systems to act as a screen to stop contaminants and other particles from drifting around in the air you breathe. They also stop these impurities from reaching vulnerable parts of the system. A few examples of the types of things these filters stop from moving on through the air include pet dander, mold, dust, lint, hair, pet fur, bacteria, and more. 



That depends on the kind of filter you have and what is going on in your house. Depending on the sort of filter you have, you will want to follow strict schedules to make sure the filter is always working at its best. Most manufacturers recommend for basic filters to be replaced at least every 60 days, but certain situations could change that schedule. 

For example, you should change a filter in a regular home with no animals every three months. If you have an animal in the home, you should replace the filter every two months. For multiple pets, it needs to be replaced anywhere from every three to seven weeks, especially if someone in the home has allergies. Individuals in sole-occupant homes without animals can usually change filters once or twice a year without any issues. The same goes for those who have vacation homes that aren’t used very frequently. 



When you don’t routinely change air filters, they can smother your system. The buildup of pollutants connect to the air filter and act as a blanket blocking airflow, essentially choking your system. While the filter is designed to hold these small items, the buildup can produce a nearly impenetrable wall blocking the flow of all air. This clogging leads to a slew of issues for the entire HVAC system, some of which include:


Froze-Up Coils 


Evaporative coils help your air conditioner expel heat from the air to keep your home cool. They can freeze up if they are overworked. With a blocked up air filter, the air won’t flow over the coils correctly, which makes them freeze up, and that leads to a total system breakdown. Strangely enough, the cost to prevent this from happening is merely buying a new air filter every few months and not letting it happen in the first place. Safeguard your HVAC system and your budget by changing the air filters on a regular schedule. 


Health Troubles 


If the air filter is blocked up and cannot intercept pollutants as it should, those items can come back into the air you and your family breathe. Immediate difficulties, as a result, could include itchy eyes or throat, headaches, and more. If you still don’t replace the air filter and the issues keep up, the long-term impacts could include respiratory illnesses, possibly heart disease. Some experts say it can even cause cancer.


Poor Temperature Control 


Warm and cool air cannot sufficiently go where it is required when blocked up air filters make the system stress to create airflow. As a result, homeowners find some rooms can be too cold during the winter or too hot during the warmer months. 

It’s like your system is spinning its wheels.


Costly energy bills


When your air filter gets clogged, air cannot flow through the system very well, if at all. This blockage overworks the entire system making it challenging for it to dispense heat or air where it is essential. This strain raises your utility bills since the unit is working harder. 


Furnace Failures


If the system is working too hard to go around and through blocked up air filters, it can trigger a complete breakdown. If this happens, you’ll need to replace the whole thing, which can cost thousands, in some cases, up to $12,000. Air filters typically cost less than $30-$40, so they are simple to replace regularly compared to replacing the entire system, a mere fraction of the cost. 




If you have not replaced the air filters in your home lately, heed our warning! Your next move should be to find out which ones you require and change them ASAP. If you find your current filters look like nothing, not even air could go through them; it’s time to call an HVAC specialist. We can go to your home to examine the system and address any issues caused by the old filters, therefore avoiding additional problems down the road. 



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