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Have you ever turned on your furnace and noticed a peculiar smell? If so, don’t be alarmed just yet. Aging furnaces are infamous for giving off strange fragrances. Now while some scents can be typical or a sign to inspect your unit, others can be cause for serious concern. Here are the top three normal and the top three “cause for concern” smell that might come from your unit.





A chemical scent coming from your unit is the main sign of a break in your heat exchanger. The heat exchangers’ role is to take the heat out of the combustion chamber and out of your home. This could be very dangerous in the ways of quickly catching the home on fire or even permitting carbon monoxide into the home. For this purpose, make certain that your carbon monoxide detector constantly has working batteries. Perhaps before you turn on your furnace, swap out those batteries!

Electrical Burning

The electrical lines inside your unit can be really close together and on occasions, might even become undone. If you smell an electrical odor, it could indicate your unit is overheating, or the wires are tangled, not permitting them to do their job correctly. The wires are next to metal that can cause them to heat up and catch on fire. Be sure if you have any signs of this to the turn off your unit and call a professional.


This is probably the most dangerous smell you could have originating from your furnace. Having smoke emanating from your unit could suggest only one thing, a blocked chimney. When they are hindered, there is nowhere for the smoke from the pilot light to run, so then it forces its way into your home. You will need to shut off your furnace quickly and call a professional. 



Burning Dusty Scent

While your furnace is off throughout the summertime, it’s easy for it to grow dusty. This is the most traditional call we get when a unit is not working correctly. You will need first to locate your filter and then either replace it or attempt to clean it off

However, if you continue to operate your unit, it can transform from something small to something more consequential. Don’t put off simple smells because it may suggest that no air being able to enter the unit.

Oil Smell

When detecting an oil smell, it only means you need to swap out your filter. It is likely clogged. Most HVAC companies offer a variety of sizes of filters. Now, if you change your filter and the smell remains, call a professional before doing anything else.

Musty Smell

It is normal after turning on your unit after months of it being off to notice a musty odor. You might want to wipe off your unit prior to turning it on in the future. Now, if the odor resumes, you will need to need to let a professional examine your unit for mold. If your air seems damper and smells, this is the most significant symptom of mold. Having mold traveling through your vents can be very harmful to your health and is not a task for just anyone to clean up.


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