Why is My Furnace Leaking?

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 Have you noticed a leak coming from your furnace?  Trust us when we say it’s best to nip this problem in the bud! A leaking furnace can result in mold growth, drain clogging, and serious and lasting damage to your costly furnace system. 


Your Condensation Drain Might Be Clogged Up

The extra water has nowhere to go when your drain is clogged. It will fill up, flow onto the condenser pipe, and then overflow. Your drain is attached to the floor where it empties itself. Primarily this is the case with high-efficiency gas furnaces.  A furnace with a metal dispense pipe should never leak. It could mean you have the wrong size pipe if it does begin to leak water from the metal pipe. If this is the case, it will go back up into the furnace and leak out. 


Broken Secondary Heat Exchanger Within Unit

If your exchanger breaks, it could lead to drastic problems. It could wreck your unit, and then a technician will need to take a look at it. Eventually, this could leave you needing to buy a totally new system. 


Owning a Furnace Humidifier 

The prime issue when having a leak in your humidifier is that it’s draining into your furnace. When having a furnace tune-up or an SMA with our company, you’re less likely to have this predicament because the system gets inspected. A leak this big could cause a lot more damage if not taken care of quicker. 


Clogged Internal System Drain 

This problem is more for the homes that have their air conditioning unit and furnace drain combined. If the drain is already clogged from your furnace, you will have the same issue when you go to turn your furnace unit on. 


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